Black Business Month: A Time to Focus on Business

Congratulations to the National Black MBA WNY and the Buffalo Black Chamber of Commerce for hosting a much need conversation about the importance of planning for the growth and sustainability of black businesses. The forum was organized to highlight National Black Business Month and discuss the issue of business succession.  See Article

What is National Black Business Month?
In 2004 in effort to draw attention to the needs of black entrepreneurs, Frederick E. Jordan, owner of F.E. Jordan Associates Inc., an engineering and construction management company, and William Templeton, president and executive editor of eAccess Corp., a scholarly publishing company, established a plan to promote August as National Black Business Month.  During the 31 days of August, Jordan and Templeton had a vision to accomplish two things – they wanted consumers to patronize black businesses and they wanted local government officials, community leaders, and venture capitalists to focus efforts on the growth of black businesses. The decline of our cities in addition to the movement of Blacks to suburban communities, have had an impact on the growth of these businesses.  Mr. Jordan states in a Black Enterprise article in 2010, “When black consumers lived in black neighborhoods, they were sensitive to black businesses.” The founders stated that National Black Business Month was based on the idea that if a small portion of spending was redirected to Black-owned businesses it could have a significant impact on their sales.

I would like to add another focus for this month. Maybe it should also be a time for business owners to reflect on their business.  Take time to revisit your business plan. What is your plan for growth?  How have you improved your product or service? In other words are You taking care of business?

How to Join the Effort
National Black Business Month encourages consumers and institutions to visit at least one black owned business on each of the 31 days of August.  The National Campaign is “31 Ways 31 Days”.

During the remainder of the month, The BCN will highlight suggestions provided by the Black Business Month website ( ways to support black-owned businesses.


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