National Black Business Month In Action: Your Local Dry Cleaner

The BCN in highlighting National Black Business Month will provide  suggestions to focus on our Black-owned businesses.

This week consider taking your clothes to a neighborhood dry cleaner.

A Buffalo Profile:
If young black entrepreneurs in Buffalo, NY wanted an inspiring and successful example of what it is to build a business legacy, they only have to look in their own backyard.  Mr. Walter Hobson, the owner of  Hobsons One Hour Dry Cleaning & Tailoring, exemplifies  the spirit of entrepreneurship. His  story provides a glimpse of what  is required to build a successful business legacy.  In 2005, the BCN interviewed Mr. Hobson for our Economic Empowerment Conference Magazine.  Walter Hobson Business Q&A

Photo of Mr. Hobson

Business Profile of Buffalo Dry Cleaner
Walter Hobson
Photo Credit: Greg Barber Photography

I also recall a 2003 Buffalo News article featuring the BCN Economic Empowerment Conference.  The following was written about Mr. Hobson’s views on the importance of hard work  and perseverance.

In his early years with his Laundromat and dry-cleaning businesses, he’d work from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, as he built a thriving business. “My grandfather taught me, if you need help, roll up your sleeve,” he said. “If you need more help, roll up your other sleeve.”

The Buffalo News Archives
Published on November 2, 2003
Author: GENE WARNER – News Staff Reporter

This week please visit a Community Dry Cleaner.

Hobsons One Hour Dry Cleaning & Tailoring
874 E Delavan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14215
Neighborhood: Eastside
(716) 891-8298
Brooks Central Park Cleaners
140 Holden St
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 837-4339
Jim Bell Cleaners
1379 Jefferson Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14208
(716) 886-1888


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