A Case Study for Life Long Learning

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Killer: Thinking that there is not a need to continue your business education.

Whether starting a business or maintaining a business, education is a part of the success formula.  It is important to attend seminars and workshops to enhance your business skills.

A shocker to the status quo – The education needed may not be what we consider the traditional curriculum.

Yesterday, I attended an empowering and educational workshop and brunch hosted by Women in the Spotlight Going Global, on-line networking group on Facebook designed to “Spotlight” Empower, Educate and Inspire Women to be the Architects of Change. The key presenter was Marshawn Evans, a powerful and inspirational educator, author, entertainment attorney and one of the nation’s leading experts on the art of maximizing potential.

She noted “You must invest in yourself; traditional education only take you to traditional places.”

She explained that although she received degrees from leading institutions, her legal and undergraduate education did not include the best ways to become a published author or how to become a popular speaker and workshop presenter.  This  observation is also shared by business owners who have MBA degrees.  Some have admitted that a great deal of their real life business foundation came from reading business books and listening to podcasts.

I personally believe that everyone, but especially leaders and business owners should embrace life long learning.  The world is rapidly changing, and to effectively lead or grow a business one must keep ahead of the prevailing trends that affect their industry.  At the two hour seminar I was motivated to reevaluate my business plans and found myself taking eight pages of notes.

Marshawn Evans Speaking at 2nd Annual Brunch of Women in the Spotlight Going Global

During her presentation Marshawn
outlined what she refers to as the 3 phrases of a business:
Phase I. Discovery Phase
Phase II. Elevate Phase (capacity building)
Phase III. Influence Phase (stage where you are ready to increase your revenue six figures or more)

It is clear that education is vital at each stage.  For instance, I always advise budding entrepreneurs to please “Look before you leap.”   Consider the advice given by Alfred Edmonds, senior vice president/multimedia editor-at-large of BLACK ENTERPRISE, “Stepping out on faith does not mean blindly leaping into the unknown; it means taking the steps necessary to prepare yourself for the blessing of your calling.”  

Those steps include educating yourself on what is necessary to legally start a business in your state, researching industry data, writing a formal business plan and reading business success stories and speaking with business experts.


 However, if you don’t believe Alfred, well here is a little advice from the queen of advice and motivation, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has been quoted stating that “We create our own destiny – Success is when opportunity meets preparation.”  The emphasis is on the word preparation.

I recommend you add a continual education credit to your business tool box today by viewing a sample of Marshawn’s entrepreneurial wisdom.


Please check the Black Capital Network Blog and website for a list of business workshops and seminars.

Also consider the following online courses:




Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center


Small Business Development Center at Buffalo State College

Canisus Women’s Business Center


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