The “Get off Your Butt” Message that Spoke to Me

I recently received the following inspirational message from Simon T. Bailey:
Don’t bring 2012 thinking into 2013.   May this the year you “Bring It”.

Please listen and make your plans for 2013.   Remember: Average is NOT acceptable!

Simon T. Bailey describes himself as an Inspirational Thought Leader, Professional Speaker, Bestselling Author, Personal Business Mentor, Teacher, Husband, Dad, and Friend. Founder of Brilliance Institute, Inc. and former Sales Director for Disney Institute, Inc.

 Entrepreneurial Start
In 2003, Simon’s passion to help others shift from average to brilliant led to the creation of the Brilliance Institute, a consulting firm that has successfully worked with more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies—driving productivity, increasing accountability, sparking creativity, and winning the race to innovation. Simon solidified his position as a recognized leader in experiential training for business professionals across the globe during his leadership tenure at the world-renowned Disney Institute. This is where he discovered his own magic and entrepreneurial spark and started his own business.

For all of the Black Capital Network followers – Simon was a workshop presenter at the BCN first Economic Development Conference (2002) and in 2003 he was the Keynote Speaker !  As you can see from Simon’s professional move, 2003 was a very good year!

Simon Bailey 2003 EEC

EEC 2003 Keynote Speaker (Buffalo,New York)


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