Social Media and Your Small Business

ImageAccording to Forbes, 66% of small businesses are spending more time on social media sites than a year ago.   90% are on Facebook.

Do you Know Your Business ROSMI? (Return on Social Media Investment)
In other words, are you seeing a return for all the time you have invested in having a social media presence?

Not sure?  You’re in good company.
Forbes report that only 36 percent said they use paid analytical or scheduling tools.  That means a lot of tweeting and posting in the dark, without a clear sense of whether the social-media activities are helping to build lead lists, bring in new clients, or close more sales. Or of which forms of social media activity are more worthwhile.
(, Oct 31, 2012)

Read the entire article here: Small Businesses Don’t Have Time for Social Media — and Don’t Track Results

Want to Learn More about How to Build and Maximize your Social Media Presence?
Women In the Spotlight GoinGlobal & Code Blu Juice Bar will host a Social Media Workshop on February 19, 2013 from 6:30-8:30 pm at 23 Allen Street in Buffalo,NY.

Nicole Schuman will present on the topic. Nicole is a content curator/ social media guru -President of Social Media Buffalo and the President of her public relations firm SchuShine Communications.

This is the first guest speaker for the WITSGG Business Workshop Series. Limited seats available.

Purchase your tickets today –


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