The Black Capital Network LLC., a consulting company, founded in 2002 by Jennifer J. Parker, provides public relations, strategic planning and seminars to support business advancement and development. The website (thebcn.com) is designed to help the promotion and growth of African American businesses and to provide a variety of information for all.

The Inspiration    The Vision.
The Black Capital Network was inspired by the spirit of collective entrepreneurship envisioned by great Black statesmen such as Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass. Our objective is to highlight the many talents and services in our communities that are unknown or vastly underutilized – and to provide consumers with a choice.

The Goal
The growth of African American Businesses and generational wealth.

Our Signature Event
BCN Economic Empowerment Conference, hosted in Buffalo, New York, was developed in an effort to highlight the importance of economic development and obtaining the skills necessary to help build successful businesses.  The conference,  an important part of a campaign of awareness, action, and self-empowerment, features  dynamic national, regional and local speakers in addition to business vendors who can provide assistance and resources.  Conference presentations, panel discussions and workshops provide information on an array of subjects such as:  supplier diversity, business success strategies, tapping into new business markets, personal finance, building wealth through real estate, networking and corporate success and leadership. , featured national and local business leaders.


Think Collaboration…  Think Economic Success…


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